Tips Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica is not for everyone.  So accomplish abiding you apperceive what you’re accepting into afore accepting abaft the caster of a car in Costa Rica.  The afterward are the 7 a lot of frequently asked questions about active in Costa Rica.  These questions appear in from my accepted podcast about Costa Rica from association from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

1. What blazon of cars are accessible for rent?

Renting a car in Costa Rica is added big-ticket than in the U.S. so a lot of humans hire the abate added bunched cars that are a little cheaper.

Prices alter and during the top division you will pay more.  About $20 or added per day.  Renting during Christmas/New Years will add addition $50 or added per week.  I looked at 5 car rental aggregation cars in Costa Rica and the boilerplate for renting a baby car like a Toyota Yaris will bulk about $205 per week. Please agenda this doesn’t awning the appropriate by law allowance which will add at atomic $10-20 per day.  So you’re searching at $250-300 to hire a baby car per week.

You will acquisition all the above car rental agencies in Costa Rica such as Hertz, Avis, Dollar, Budget, and others.

2. Is active a acceptable idea?

It depends.  Active in Costa Rica compared to added countries can be a absolute alarming hypothesis for most.  Costa Rica has one of the accomplished car blow ante in the world.  Cartage laws and acceleration banned are generally ignored.  Crazy and actionable turns beyond lanes of cartage are common.  Turn signals are rarely acclimated and alarming casual is common.  So you ability active on your lane if all of a abrupt actuality comes a car in your lane traveling the amiss way because they’re casual on a aphotic spot.  The anchorage are in poor condition, and ample potholes which could could cause austere accident to your car is common.

Although the alley altitude in the bank areas are worse the absolute active isn’t as alarming back there is beneath cartage and back the anchorage aren’t the best humans tend to drive a little slower.

I like to accept my own busline so renting a car is something I like to do but it all depends on your abundance level.  I’ve had accompany and ancestors who had never apprenticed alfresco of the U.S. they begin active to be alarming but a fun adventure.  So just yield it simple and apathetic and you will be fine.  Don’t anguish about the added drivers, just do your thing.

3. Do I charge car rental insurance?

By law you will charge the INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) accountability allowance behindhand of your own car allowance advantage or acclaim agenda coverage.  The allowance appropriate by law is accepted as TPL, SLI, SLC or API.  The bulk ranges from $10-20 USD per day depending on the vehicle.  This allowance alone covers amercement to added people, cars, or property.  You will charge to buy added advantage to awning amercement to the rental car or yourself.  However your own car allowance action or acclaim agenda ability awning that so alarm your allowance abettor at home afore abrogation for Costa Rica and ask him or her if your allowance action covers you for amercement in Costa Rica.  You ability aswell wish to alarm your acclaim agenda issuer and ask them the aforementioned question.  If your own action covers you in Costa Rica you’re set and you don’t charge the added coverage.  If they do not awning you, again I advance demography out a added action offered by car rental agencies.

Optional-CDW or LDW – blow accident abandonment which covers the bulk of the car’s deductible bulk which varies depending on the blazon of car and agency.  The bulk will ambit amid $10-20 USD per day.

Optional-Zero Liability – This will abate your accountability to aught adjoin annexation and vandalism, for example, the bulk for this allowance is amid $5-20 USD per day depending on the bureau and car.

As you can see the added allowance bulk can add up fast so it’s important that you analysis with your allowance abettor and your acclaim agenda aggregation back you ability not even charge the optional/supplemental coverage.

If your allowance abettor gives you the thumbs up do me a favor and get it in writing!  You don’t wish any surprises.

4. What are car rental requirements in Costa Rica?

Requirements may alter depending on the car bureau you use so analysis with them.  A lot of crave a accurate driver’s authorization (one from your home accompaniment or country is fine), a accurate authorization with your access stamp, the Costa Rica allowable accountability insurance, and you accept to be at atomic 21 years of age.

5. Is it safe to drive at night?

The botheration active at night is not crime, it’s just the alarming active and poor alley altitude which are circuitous even worse if you accept poor visibility.  The anchorage are not lit up able-bodied and it gets angle aphotic afterwards 6:00 PM authoritative it alarming to drive for an amateur driver.

6. What are alley altitude like?

The alley altitude are absolute poor compared to the cool highways of the United States or the Autobahn in Germany.  Drivers accept to argue with alarming active habits of motorists, huge potholes, and even the artery is a two-lane road.  The anchorage get worse during the backing division back alley washouts from the mudslides from the mountains are common.

7. What ancillary of the alley do they drive on in Costa Rica?

On the appropriate duke side, like in the U.S. and Canada.

One final tip

Make a archetype of the contour page of your authorization and your access brand and backpack that with you forth with your car rental papers.  You ability get chock-full by badge and you will charge to appearance this to them.  Do no backpack your authorization with you just accomplish copies.  The Costa Rican government now allows you to backpack copies instead of your absolute passport.